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Blessed Homes is a Blessed Internation Ministries initiative of caring for the orphaned children in East Africa. God blesses us that we may be a blessing to others.

Join us to bless one child at a time. We support A child with USD $50 a month. To support a child click on the button  below.

You can also request to visit a child you support.

Blessed Homes does not want to place children in large institutions, but looks into grouping small number of children in several homes where and assigning the foster parents to raise them in a godly and homely environments.

We are giving children a reason to thank God for their lives and grow up like other children who have parents. We can all provide for their accommodation, for their food, for their clothing and for their accommodation.

Team with us to give future to these children

working on strong foundations

working on foundations

working on foundations

Support us finish this building and give

our children the future they deserve

Raising up the walls

Raising up the stone walls

Roofing with Timber/lumber

Roofing with strong iron sheets

Raising up the strong walls

Currently the Blessed Homes is building a home in Nangili on Western Kenya. The Home will house 30 children who will be under three guardians.

Building this is a pure faith project and we request for your support to finish by March 2020. By faith we have been able to do the foundations, the walls and the roof. Now we are trusting God to put on Doors, Windows, Ceptic tank, plambing and electricity.

Our Children