Partnering with us
If God has given you the same desires to see the Kingdom of God advance throughout the nations. You can become a monthly sponsor or donate towards these specific project. For more information on how to give click on the give tab or contact us at

We are missions minded ministry that will love to receive, raise and send missionaries across africa to lead the world to the Lord.

Our Missions are focused into exploring the new areas, evangelizing, training and establishing churches if need be. 

Involving into community based projects to bring the love of Christ to the suffering like the Turkana region

and Involving the communities into what we are doing so they do not loose what God has given them.

The Pictures below show our Leaders training and commissioning them to go out

Pastor Gideon Mudenyo

We are an equipping center, involving every one in the Great Commission

We do not become blind to the grave needs facing the community as we reach out. As a ministry we have strongly involved ourselves into caring for orphans and feeding the famine stricken children of Turkana

The above pictures show the orphans, turkana children that we feed and our staff that helps us in cooking and cleaning children

As a ministry, we have been faithful to God to reach out to the People of Turkana during this period of famine. We have shared with them both the word and food. It is in this place that Pastor Gideon was named "Ewoi" in Turkana vernacular which means a man who address people under the tree. The pictures belows shows us share the word and the food with people